Philosophy, Available Programs and Fees

Young children learn music by experiencing music. Music reinforces important skills that are taught by parents and teachers. 
Early childhood music experiences establish a foundation for musical enjoyment throughout life.

To use a quote from a Time Life Magazine article I read recently;
"It (singing) is the one thing in life where feeling better is pretty much guaranteed."
I use lots of engaging, hands-on activities to encourage active participation and enhance learning
Focus on fun! Encourage independence! Practice participation! 

The most important thing for me to accomplish in my classes is for kids to LOVE MUSIC like I do!  In order to accomplish this I try to make my classes "FUN"!

Sessions Include:

  • Familiar, seasonal and teaching songs
  • Movement
  • Instruments
  • Pitch Singing/Echo Singing
  • Pretend play
  • Active participation
  • Practice with rhythm and rhyme
  • Puppets
  • Stories
  • Musical games

$42.00/ 30 minute session  ($5.00 additional mileage fee if destination is over 15 miles)

$65.00 special programs. i.e. holiday programs, birthday parties.
($5.00 additional mileage fee if destination is over 15 miles) for existing clients please

$75.00  Senior/nursing home programs

For lesson fees refer to private lessons

What I Do

Mrs. Jean uses guitar and occasionally keyboard and other instruments to facilitate a lively, hands-on music experience.
She has a bagful of tricks including instruments, puppets, books, game pieces, shapes and much more!
She uses sign language, spanish and french on a limited number of favorite songs.
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