Senior Adult Programs

Experience and Philosophy

Jean has a degree in Music Therapy from the University of Iowa 1989.  She has spent her entire career serving Seniors in Hospice, Nursing Homes, Adult Day programs. 
She was a full time activities coordinator at Walker Methodist Health Care Center in Minneapolis for 5 years.
She used music therapy with Senior Adults primarily with dementia, memory loss and Alzheimer's diagnosis.
She was responsible for attending care conferences, creating and maintaining programs, leading sing a longs and ensembles.
She continues to serve seniors in various centers including Nursing Homes, Group homes and Adult Day Centers around the metro area.

I believe that Music is the Window to the Soul.  Music is a social activity that brings us together to enhance self esteem, promote memory, and have fun.  Participation in music is a normal healthy activity that most of us have done our entire lives, weather attending a play or concert, an opera, singing in a choir, playing in band or listening to music in the car.  Music is a part of our existence and our world.  It is a bridge from the past to the present that we can all relate to and connect with.

Available Programs

Ongoing music programs.  Weekly, Bi-Monthly or Occasional/Seasonal

Basic Fee $75 for 45 minute program

Sing Alongs, Seasonal, Themed programs, Trivia, Music Games such as Singo or Musical Paper Plates

I believe that personal interaction is the key to success.  I encourage as much active participation as possible.
I am not an entertainer, I am a music leader.  I encourage participation through singing, and asking questions about songs that lead to memories and remembering.  Such as "Who was best known for singing: God Bless America"

I am happy to design any program to meet your clients needs.

Jean has performed at our Senior Adult Day program for over 12 years.  She is
energetic and is always prepared with a theme or music game appropriate for the season.
Jean is able to move among our clients with her guitar to interact with them and to
encourage them to participate-making sure everyone is included.  She plays songs the
clients love and will take requests, so they can hear old favorites.  All of our clients enjoy
having Jean come to our facility!
Mona MacDonald-Activity Coordinator at Walker Sr. Club

Rakhma Homes Inc.  Senior Memory Care housing
"Rakhma is blessed to have the talent and expertise of Jean Ann for our music therapy program. Having served Rakhma for more than 20 years, Jean Ann comes well prepared each week with a lively music program! She uses a variety of instruments, songs, and fun facts to entertain and engage all of our residents, and to spread her infectious joy! Our residents, and staff, enjoy her visits immensely. I highly recommend Jean Ann as a music therapist. She brings tremendous energy, enthusiasm and excellence to all she does." 
Susan Eckstrom, Executive Director
Rakhma Homes