Private Music Lessons

Private music lessons in your home or mine.

Beginning Piano:  Have taught using the Faber method for 5+ years
recommended age minimum 6 or 7
Children should have a 30 min. attention span, and have a good beginning reading skills and counting skills and be able to follow directions.

recommended age minimum 10+
Students should be committed to practicing 30 min. per day focusing on good techniques and warm up drills.
Pitch Matching, singing on key, breath control and sight reading skills

Acoustic Guitar:
recommended age minimum 13+
I teach routine chordal progressions (not notes)  A good understanding of music theory and keyboard experience is helpful.  If student has not had previous experience in this area a necessary amount of theory will be included in lessons.  Playing the guitar requires a great deal of commitment and focus as well as many hours of practice, but it is fairly easy to master with some effort.

$25.00 per half hour at my residence.
$30.00 per half hour at your residence. ($5.00 travel fee)
$38.00 per hour at my residence.
$42.00 per hour at your residence. ($5.00 travel fee)