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The cooler crisp days of Autumn are just around the corner.  I have seen leaves that are already beginning to dress in their colorful fall colors.  Some of my favorite activities and songs are about fall.  We can sing about animals getting ready to hibernate, apples and leaves changing colors and relate it all to colors, counting, rhythm and rhyme.  Such a fun time of year!  Then in October there's all the fun pumpkin songs, spooky silly Halloween themed songs and stories to add to our fun.

Favorite Songs and Stories

We will start out singing  "Grey Squirrel" and "The Nut Song"  Then come apple songs and leaf songs.  My spring "seed song" turns into the "Apple Tree Song"  then becomes a leaf song all involving counting, colors, following directions and sharing.
Tune: I'm a little Teapot

I'm a little apple seed planted in the ground.
Out comes the yellow sun big and round
Down fall the raindrops soft and slow,
up come the apple trees grow, grow, grow.

I'm a little Apple Tree straight and tall,
see all my apples lets count them all.
When the wind starts blowing they fall down. 
Count them as they hit the ground.

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