Quarterly News

Summer is over, and we are back into school routines, and cooler fall days.  There is much to celebrate and sing about.  The change of seasons always provide ample topics for young children to explore their world.

Favorite Songs and Stories

In September the "Wheels on the bus" becomes a favorite song.  We also like to sing "make new friends" and start singing Apple Songs and eventually sing about leaves changing colors and falling.

We will be focusing on learning about Rhythm and Beat and Pitch.  Learning the difference between high and low sounds in September.  We will play the Xlophones and use our body's as instruments for clapping, stomping and patting.  We will also practice Fast and Slow tempos by marching, walking, running and hopping.

Be sure to ask your preschooler if they can find the beat while listening to music at home or in the car.

We will continue to play with instruments and bring Halloween stories and music to life by adding percussion and sound effects to some favorites.

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