Quarterly News

Spring is just around the corner! The Sun warms the Earth. The rain washes away the mess left by snow ice and road salt. And things begin to grow once again! Rain and Thunder are natures music, and letting children imitate is not only fun but helps them learn about dynamics, tempo and articulation in music. My spring curriculum lends itself so easily to teaching these concepts as well as sing and repeat songs that help with rhythm and pitch.

Below are examples of how I use spring to inspire music learning with shakers, drums and rainsticks to create thunderstorms.

Favorite Songs and Stories

"It is springtime" (tune "are you sleeping")  I created this song, not only to encourage repetition but to encourage children to think about what happens in the spring.  How do they know spring is here?  I can put almost any answer into this song, for example:
"It is springtime, it is springtime winters gone, winters gone
The sun is shining, the sun is shining, it's getting warm, it's getting warm" We can add things like snow has melted, ice has melted, birds are singing, flowers are growing etc.
Then I can change it to "it is raining" and incorporate the instruments and take the same song/tune to a whole different level.

Another favorite song/activity is "the seed song" below.  Children can think about and pretend to be seeds in a garden and "grow, grow, grow"  there are also songs and books that add to this topic.

I'm a little seed in the dark, dark ground.
Out comes the yellow sun big and round
Down fall the raindrops soft and slow,
up come the little seeds grow, grow, grow.