Quarterly News

I can't believe another school year is ending and another summer will be here soon.  I also can't believe that I've been teaching preschool and toddler music classes for nearly 25 years!

I have changed my program, my ideas, my songs many times in those many years, but I always seem to arrive at the same basic premise.  Children love music for the same reason I love music.  It's fun!  Some of the songs I sing, I've been singing so long, and have sung so many times, I wonder how the kids still enjoy them, but they request the same songs over, and over, year after year, season after season.  What that tells me is that there are certain songs that are just good fun songs to sing, and dance, and play instruments to.  It also tells me that children love repetition.  It really doesn't matter to them if I sing the same song 5 times in a row.  If they like it, they want to hear it over and over again.  So I believe that I teach to and for the children that I interact with and love in my classes.  I may not always impress the other teachers, or even the parents, who are ultimately in charge of my curriculum, but it's the children who really matter to me.  At the end of the day what do they tell their parents that they did in school, in music class.  If I touch their lives enough that they want to come to school because they know it's music day I've done my job!  If I have a parent, or a teacher tell me that the kids pretend they are me, and gather friends in a circle and hold a music class, then I've done my job!  If I encourage a child enough to want to continue music in school, singing in choir, playing in band, taking piano and dance lessons, I've done my job!

I was recently in a production of Oklahoma with a local theater group, and after several performances I figured out that one of the young ladies that had a lead role was one of my students 14 years ago!  I thought, "Wow!  I did my job!"

So as another school year ends, and I begin singing about warmer temperatures, I have to sometimes remind myself why I do this job, and who I really work for...the children. Then I get up every morning and I can do my job, and share what I love to do with the children that I teach and the lives that I touch.

IFavorite Songs and Stories

I'm a little seed in the dark, dark ground.
Up comes the yellow sun big and round!
Down fall the raindrops soft and slow,
up come the little seeds grow grow grow.

Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring!!  The cold, cold winter days are done!
It's time for spring, it's time to sing.  Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring!
    It's springtime, it's springtime, the buds are popping out!
    It's springtime, it's springtime, the birds are singing loud.
    It's springtime, it's springtime  the snow WILL melt away!
    Let's all sing and give a shout.  It's springtime HOORAY!!

We pretend to be vegetables and flowers in a spring garden.  The kids are the rain, sunshine, and seeds that grow. The focus is on on learning about growing good heathy food, following directions, sharing and having fun.

I also have many songs about Earth Day, and playing outside in warmer weather.