Quarterly News

Summer is finally almost here.  It's been a busy exciting year for me.  I have changed my programming this past year to focus more on teaching music concepts, and less ABC's and 123's.  I have taken 3 songs/poems and turned them into songs that teach children the concept of a musical scale.  We first learned the notes of a scale by touching body parts (down from our toes and up to our heads) then added song words and eventually taught it using xylophones.  What started out as an experiment turned out to be fun and educational for all. (see below for a you-tube video)

We also experimented with concepts of loud, and soft learning what musical terms and symbols looked like.  And learned about quarter notes, half notes and whole notes all using the songs that i have used for years.  Older children have been able to sing, clap and play instruments using all these concepts.

All of this has been a learning process and journey over the past school year.

I look forward to incorporating some of these concepts as we continue summer programming with our Minnesota Songs, and Camping and Outdoor Songs in the next few months.

Favorite Songs and Stories

Summer tends to be a little more of a relaxed atmosphere and structure than during the school year.  We will learn about songs that are in minor keys:
"Stormy Day"  "Stranger Danger"  "Mosquito Song"  "Ants go Marching"  and contrast them to favorites in Major keys  "Mr. Sun"  "Take me out to the Ballgame"  "I've been Working on the Railroad" and "Somewhere over the Rainbow"  The "5 little Monkey's" and "Old Lady that Swallowed...." are always favorite summer stories.

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